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IMG_1105 I wasn’t born here and neither was my late husband, Jay Pivor. I came here in 1978, a Midwesterner who quickly fell in love with Boston’s beauty and history. I landed in a large apartment building in Coolidge Corner with my ex-husband and two-year-old daughter. We quickly made many international friends with other young couples with children, and when the Blizzard of 1978 hit, the lobby looked more like a ski lodge, with cross-country skiers making runs for families for milk. This simply doesn’t happen in Ohio. I was hooked on the city as well as the people who give it so much character and substance.

As neophytes, we began exploring the area with the requisite trips to The Freedom Trail, Lexington and Concord, The North End, Charlestown, Chinatown and all the places with historical or ethnic interest. I loved with the way you can’t help but breathe in Boston’s history, and couldn’t get enough of the cobblestone streets, the architecture, and the feeling that if I closed my eyes, I could visualize how it was before and during the American Revolution. Jay Pivor, who passed away in the summer of 2017,  arrived here a few years later with his ex-wife for a fellowship at Harvard Dental School. He also spent years experiencing Boston, but wasn’t until we met in 2009 when we met and started a series of adventures that would become an inspiration for this website. 

Loving Boston is not intended to be a guide or a history site. There are enough of those already. This began as our love letter to a vibrant city that energizes and inspires us with its diverse neighborhoods, history, beauty, and its pride. Now I will continue this site in the hope that it will inspire you to explore and enjoy the city.

– Jenny Pivor

Jenny Pivor lives in Charlestown and loves shooting photos of the city and its surrounding areas, as well as exploring all the Hub has to offer.  The site contains photos and commentary from outings since 2009 to the present.

Dr. Pivor was the director of Gentle Dental Arlington, part of Gentle Dental, and Jenny Hudson is the owner of Merrimack Media, a self-publishing and promotion company.

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